- a 6 hour site-specific experience presented in conjunction with Whitstable Biennale Satellite Programme -

Lemonade and Laughing Gas introduce something a little different...

Inspired by the Unplugging Movement, and research into how digital technology is changing us, Unplugged is a meditation on how to embrace mindfulness, intimacy, and alone-ness in the digital age. Unplugged wonders what we can do to negate the effects of losing ourselves to a world of screens, and offers audience members the chance to reflect on how digital technology affects their own lives.

It asks our audience to take a risk: to unplug, to detach, to truly explore their perception of the world without the filter of digital culture. In order to do this, we propose a journey. This journey starts with a letter in the post, asks you to board a train, instructs you to connect with strangers you meet, and sneaks a peek at the blissful ocean.

It asks you to embrace slowness, to enjoy being lost, to marvel in small physical movements.

This is a self-led journey of discovery like no other, structured by us, and embarked upon by you.


Unplugged is a 6 hour outdoor experience for one person at a time. 

The experience begins on train travelling from a city to the seaside. Participants are posted a β€˜kit’ in the post before the day which includes train tickets, special vouchers, maps and notes. The experience includes structured pit-stops involving food, drinks and of course, getting on the train home. Participants are invited to go without their phones for the majority of this experience.

This experience is currently in development.